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Software sub-set for thermal analysis

This TSS subset is specified for physical-chemical laboratories that primarily apply methods of thermal analysis.


It consists of TDPro, ForK and/or DesK and/or IsoKin.

TDPro is the powerful data processing program capable of handling data from various calorimetric instruments (DSC, heat flow calorimetry, DTA), TG data, and data from combined methods (DSC+TG, DTA+TG). It not only allows comprehensive processing of original experimental data but supports determination of physical properties of a substance such as specific heat, parameters of phase transition, thermal conductivity of liquids. The auxiliary Text File Converter program allows simple method for data conversion so that TDPro can be used in combination with any thermal analytical instrument.

The line of programs ForK/DesK/IsoKin allows evaluation of reaction kinetic models of various kinds. The choice depends on the kind of investigations carried out in the laboratory. Typical choice for a thermo-analyst would be either ForK or IsoKin but we recommend considering them as a pair of mutually complementary programs.

All these programs have powerful modules for simulation of reaction course under various conditions. Therefore they can be successfully used for solving variety of practical problems from analysis of thermal stability to estimation of thermal mode of a reactor.

ForK is designed for creation of conversion-based complex multi-stage formal models.

DesK allows creation of more habitual concentration-based models of complex reactions.

IsoKin supports creation of the so-called model-free kinetics. It is the convenient tool for easy and fast preliminary analysis of data.


New monograph "Thermal hazards and thermal safety of energetic materials, chemical processes and objects.
" by  A. Benin and A. Kossoy
Attending the EDUG meeting and giving presentations
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