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Participation in the annual meeting of EDUG in 2017 10.05.2018 07:19

ArkosSoft representative attended the annual  EDUG meeting, 22-23 June, Lyon, France and made 2 presentations:

A. Kossoy (CISP), K. Middle (Chilworth), J. Singh (HEL) 2 unusual complex cases – how to deal with adiabatic data when traditional methods fail

A. Kossoy (CISP), Adiabatic calorimetry – new trends and some peculiarities of application

CISP and ArkosSoft cooperation with HELgroup 07.05.2018 14:09

CISP and ArkosSoft established close and fruitful cooperation with HEL group UK and, specifically, with its Beijing branch HEL China. HEL is the official distributor of TSS and TSS-ARKS software worldwide.

The goal of this cooperation is to offer to the HEl clients  and other potential customers the unique TSS-ARKS software and to provide them with exhaustive training and services. 

Sumika Technical Information Services, Inc. distributes ARKS services and software in Japan 07.05.2018 02:16

ArkosSoft entered into the distribution agreement with Sumika Information Services, Inc. (STIS), Japan. Since February 2018  ARKS software and ArkosSoft services are available for Japanese customers via STIS.