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ArkoSSoft (ARKS) Ltd.

ArkoSSoft is focused on further elaboration of the existing methods applied in the area of reaction hazard assessment as well as creation of new state-of-the-art methods supported by the Advanced Reaction Kinetics Simulation - TSS-ARKS - software which is product of joint efforts of  and ArkoSSoft. TSS- ARKS software represents the new unique software line based on long-term expertise of the CISP and ArkoSSoft professionals in investigation of various practical problems and their skills in calorimetric experiments, mathematics, thermal physics, chemical engineering and programming. TSS-ARKS software is based on the famous series developed by and inherits the best features of TSS.

All this allows combining investigation methods and software into the unique integrated system which makes it easier for the researchers to achieve their goals in a faster and much more efficient way and provides more precise and reliable results.

ArkoSSoft's up-to-date methods and software cover everything from experiment and data processing to reaction kinetics evaluation to simulation of chemical reactors and runaways. It offers the very effectual and universal method for solving the main challenge of chemical engineering - the scale-up problem - by applying math simulation.

Functionality of every component of TSS-ARKS software is related to functionality of other components, all of them have unified User's interface and provide easy and efficient exchange of data with each other. Therefore it is only logical that applications of the TSS-ARKS software are united into the suits.

To whom TSS-ARKS methods and software are addressed

  • Research Centers of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies;
  • Research Centers of Manufacturers and Users of energetic materials;
  • Research Centers of Manufacturers and Users of rechargeable batteries
  • Physical-chemical laboratories
  • Research Centers and Consulting Firms involved in hazard assessment of dangerous goods (UN TDG, IMO, etc.), and in classification of chemicals (UN GHS, CLP, etc.);
  • Chemical Engineering and Physical-chemical Departments of Universities

Areas of our activity 

  • methods of running kinetic experiments by various calorimetric techniques - thermal analysis, adiabatic calorimetry, reaction calorimetry
  • methods of reaction kinetics evaluation
  • methods of thermal explosion simulation
  • design of specialized software
  • services for our clients that include solution of various problems related to data analysis, reaction kinetics, hazard assessment, etc., on the basis of client's experimental data and problem specification. Assistance of ArkoSSoft experts (which are familiar with the UN TDG, GHS and REACH among other regulations) is especially efficient in such complex cases when many traditional methods fail.

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    New monograph "Thermal hazards and thermal safety of energetic materials, chemical processes and objects.
    " by  A. Benin and A. Kossoy
    Attending the EDUG meeting and giving presentations
    Cooperation with HEL group