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A wide variety of thermal analysis instruments is used for  investigation of chemical reactions. Each instrument has today the computer-based system for experiment automation, data sampling and storing. Unfortunately there isn't any common file format for experimental data storage. As it is often necessary to process the experimental data with some second level program other than "native" one, the problem of data exchange arises.

The reasonable way for solving this problem is to use the auxiliary converting program (Text File Converter). Text File Converter (further simply TFC) works with a rather free-form ASCII file and Excel sheet. It allows you to read the file, to analyze it and to choose only the necessary information. In addition you can make some elementary data processing (for example to change units to the standard ones). The Converter output files are used directly by the ADPro/ADaExpert, TDPro or RCPro programs that belong to the TSS series.

The TFC being invoked form any of the above mentioned programs adjusts automatically to specific features of data to be converted.

The use of the so-called templates gives you the possibility to save the method of structural analysis for the particular files with the same extension or any other fi;es. If a template has bee associated with file extension then this saved template will be automatically loaded whenever you load the file with the appropriate extension, otherwise you can select the appropriate template from the list of the saved templates. Afterwards all the parsing will be made automatically.

Latest versions of TFC allow loading raw data containing up to 20000 points. If original data have more than this number the set has to be preliminary thinned out otherwise TFC will cut the tail of data starting from 20001 point.

New feature of the latest version of TFC issued 29 January 2016 is the ability to read multi-sheet MS Excel books - previous versions could handle only the single-sheet ones.

TFCcover   You can download the PowerPoint Tutorial which will
  demonstrate typical procedure of data conversion

Storing data


ADpro program and its successor ADaExpert provide initial processing of results of pseudoadiabatic calorimetry and transferring them for further kinetic analysis to the ForK  and DesK software.

TDPro program provides initial processing of results of thermoanalitical experiments (DSC, TG, DSC-TG, DTA) and transferring them for further kinetic analysis to the IsoKin, ForK  or DesK software.

RCPro program provides initial processing of reaction calorimetry data and and transferring them for further kinetic analysis to the DesK software.

IsoKinForK and DesK programs provide solving main problems which arise while investigating chemical kinetics.

The latest version of TFC has been made much simpler and more convenient for a User.


Download latest version of TF Converter 

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