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Software sub-set for hazard assessment of energetic materials

Nowadays considerable efforts are concentrated on hazard assessment of energetic materials. The final aim of such investigations is the proper choice of safe conditions of use, storage and transportation of these substances. Typical experimental methods in this field include thermal analysis and adiabatic calorimetry.

Taking into account specific features of methods applied and practical tasks to be solved we can propose the following TSS subset that includes ADaExpert, TDPro, ForK and IsoKin, and ReRank, ThermEx and ConvEx.


 TDPro and ADaExpert support all necessary types of data processing for data of thermal analysis and adiabatic calorimetry. The auxiliary Text File Converter program allows simple method for data conversion so that TDPro and ADPro can be used in combination with any thermal analytical and adiabatic instrument respectively.

IsoKin is the convenient tool for easy and fast preliminary analysis of data by applying model-free kinetics. Results of this analysis are helpful for creation of formal kinetic models that are evaluated by using

ForK. These models are the basis for assessing hazard by applying the last group of programs.

ReRank provides easy and fast determination of hazard indicators of chemicals whereas

ThermEx and ConvEx provide in-depth analysis of thermal explosion hazards of solid and liquid chemicals. 


New monograph "Thermal hazards and thermal safety of energetic materials, chemical processes and objects.
" by  A. Benin and A. Kossoy
Attending the EDUG meeting and giving presentations
Cooperation with HEL group