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Software sub-set for adiabatic calorimetry

Adiabatic calorimetry of various kinds (ARC, VSP, DEWAR, etc.) is the method that had been designed for study of reaction hazards. Therefore this TSS subset is adjusted for a laboratory which primary interest is in reaction hazard assessment.


 The subset includes ADaExpert, ForK and/or DesK, and the pack consisting of ThermEx, ReRank, ConvEx and BST.

 ADaExpert  is the unique data processing program capable of handling temperature and pressure data from various adiabatic instruments (ARC, VSP, Phi-Tec I and II, DEWAR and others). The auxiliary Text File Converter program allows simple method for data conversion so that ADaExpert can be used in combination with any type of adiabatic calorimeter. The program package offers the unique set of advanced data analysis methods including vent sizing.

 ForK and/or DesK are used for kinetics evaluation. The choice depends on the laboratory profile. If the primary interest is in hazard assessment of reactive chemicals (especially solids) then ForK would be the right choice. If the laboratory is involved in process safety studies then we would recommend considering DesK as a candidate. The pair ForK + DesK covers a wide range of problems and therefore provides maximal flexibility.

ForK is designed for creation of conversion-based complex multi-stage formal models.

DesK allows creation of more habitual concentration-based models of complex reactions.

The last group of programs serves for assessment of reaction hazards.

ThermEx and ConvEx are for simulation of thermal explosions in solids and liquids.

ReRank provides easy and fast determination of hazard indicators of chemicals.

BST package is intended for design of emergency relief systems.

The appropriate composition of the last group also depends on the laboratory profile. For those who mostly involved in determination of hazardous characteristics of reactive chemicals the triplet ReRank- ThermEx-ConvEx can be recommended whereas for specialists in ERS design ADaExpert and BST would be of primary interest.

New monograph "Thermal hazards and thermal safety of energetic materials, chemical processes and objects.
" by  A. Benin and A. Kossoy
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