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Purpose of the program

ReRank belongs to the TSS series and represents the first commercial software on the market intended for Reactivity Rating of individual substances and mixtures.

Handling data

ReRank is based on the project/wizard concept. A project unites all the data necessary for determination of reactivity indicators – kinetics, parameters of simulation, and results. There are several data bases for saving projects in accordance with the indicator calculated. It allows accumulation and convenient comparative analysis of information about reactivity characteristics of samples tested.

ReRank provides direct access to the ForK, IsoKin and DesK data bases which allows easy import of kinetic models  created by using ForKIsoKin or DesK.

Kinetic models

ReRank can use any type of kinetics created by TSS kinetics software - model-free isoconversional kinetics, formal models based on conversions as state variables, and descriptive models based on concentrations. Kinetics can be imported from  ForKIsoKin and DesK programs or, in the case of formal and descriptive models, created manually when working with ReRank.

Reactivity indicators subject to determination

Seven reactivity indicators can be determined by using the latest version of ReRank:

  • the standard Reactivity Rating Number of chemical products based on instantaneous energy release (Instantaneous Power Density, IPD) at 250 C which meets the National Fire Protection Association NFPA (USA) requirements
  • the advanced Reactivity Rating Number of chemical products based on calculation of maximum energy release (Maximum Power Density, MPD) in the course of exothermic reaction at a constant sample temperature. This provides a safer estimate compared to the standard NFPA method.
  • Time to Conversion Limit, TCL, under isothermal conditions as a function of temperature, TCL(T), which reflects thermal stability (TS) of a compound and can be used for comparison of substances
  • adiabatic Time to Maximum Rate, TMR, as a function of initial temperature TMR(Tin), which indicates the probability of an explosive accident
  • energy content or Total Energy Release, TER(Tin), as a function of initial temperature which can be used to measure the potential severity of an accident.
  • Thermal Aging Analysis, TAL, which allows determination of conversion of a  product attained during long-term storage taking into account seasonal variation of temperature at a local place
  • Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature, SADT, for packaging with liquid thermally labile products. Determination is implemented in full accord with the requirements of the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria (TDG), test H.1, and the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). In accordance with TDG SADT is determined with the aim to find safe conditions of transportation, in accordance with GHS SADT for 50 kg package is determined for classification of a product.

Reactor’s model

A chemical reaction is considered to proceed in a continuous stirred BATCH reactor which can operate under the following thermal modes:

  • forced temperature mode - reactant temperature is equal to the environment temperature; this mode is used for determination of Reactivity Rating Number, stability indicator TCL, and thermal aging analysis (TAL).
  • adiabatic mode - no heat exchange with environment; this mode is used for calculation of TMR and TER.
  • general mode - there is heat exchange of a package with the substance with environment; this mode is used for determination of SADT.

Physical properties

When using isoconversional kinetics or formal models necessary properties are defined by the User.

When descriptive models are applied the built-in properties database is used. It can be replenished by the User. The additive rules are utilized for calculation of properties of multi-component mixtures.

Similar database is used for defining properties of the package material when SADT is subject to determination.

Climatic and vessels databases

New climatic database is available in the latest version of ReRank. It contains data on seasonal temperature variation for different locations and is used for thermal aging analysis. The database can be replenished by the User.

Database of vessels  is available in the latest version of ReRank. It contains construction and dimensions of the vessels that are used for determination of SADT. The database can be replenished by the User.


Requirements: CPU: Intel Pentium 1200 MHz and faster, Memory: 1024 MB, Disk space: 50 MB, CD-ROM: present, OS: MS Windows  XP, 7, 8, 10 


  1. When installing ReRank under Windows 7 and higher we strongly recommend to use the default path     C:\Users\[username]\CISP\ForK
  2. When installing new versions of TSS applications one can meet the problem with Anti-virus tools you use. Some of them may suspect that TSS programs are hazardous ones. Please don't worry. This may happen  due to new powerful protection system (provided by  the Enigma Protector - one  of the world  leaders in this area) which sometimes causes alarm because anty-virus tools cannot look  inside the protected code. As a result the approcation will be blocked.  To avoid such problem ask your IT service to exclude Users\[username]\CISP folder from virus  check.
    CISP guarantees that TSS is 100% clean, which means its applications do not contain any form     of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoor.
  3. IMPORTANT! When installing ReRank you should run setup.exe "As Administrator". The simple way to run it as an administrator in Windows 10 is to find the setup you want to run on the disk or CD, right click and select 'Run as administrator' 

Be aware - even if you are the licensed user of ForK you will have to get new registration key. Please email us the request and don't forget to indicate your company and your name

ATTENTION! Be aware that on the expiration of the Warranty/maintenance Period the License on any TSS application remains valid for the version last updated during maintenance Period. Therefore if your maintenance has expired you wouldn't be able to use new updatesIf you nevertheless download the setup of new version and replace your working version with new one it won't work and you will lose working program! To avoid such situation check please whether you have valid maintenance before downloading any TSS program. 

Download latest version of ReRank

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